We have a tendency to think of the Gospel as a complicated theological issue that is difficult, if not impossible, to fully grasp, but in actuality, the concept is simple. In Romans 10:9, Paul writes, “If you declare with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

At Journey Church, we are intentional about communicating this simple truth as the underlying message of every sermon.  Inspired by an idea in Tom Mercer’s book, 8 to 15, we describe that special prayer of surrender to God’s love and forgiveness as the “ABC Prayer”.

The A stands for Admit.  This is the step where we come to the grips with the fact that we are indeed sinners, separated from God’s love by our own self-centeredness.

The B stands for Believe.  In this step, we finally realize that Jesus has done for us what we could never have done for ourselves: paid for our sins by dying on the cross. Even though He lived as a perfect, sinless example, He gave his life for us, offering the forgiveness that makes us right with God.

The C stands for Choose.  Now that we have internalized what God has done, this last step enters into a relationship with Him, wherein we strive to glorify Him with every aspect of our lives, not to earn His love, but to reflect it to others.

More concisely, the ABC prayer might sound something like, “Jesus, I admit that I need a savior. I believe that You died for me.  And now I choose to live for you.”

Have you prayed this prayer, in your own words, and from the heart? If so, that is all it takes to begin your spiritual journey with Jesus.  Or maybe there is someone in your life that needs to hear this simple message in straight-forward way that makes sense to them.  Our goal at Journey Church is to keep the Gospel message simple enough to understand AND share.